Will Brexit will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for growth and innovation? Or will it be the biggest economic and social disaster to hit the UK in decades?  

Some are starting to have doubts about whether the Brexit they voted for can ever be delivered.

They say they would not have voted Leave if they had known then what they do now.

‘Bregretters’ have been speaking out, saying they now realise they were misled and they’re sorry for voting the way they did.

It takes courage to admit you’ve changed your mind on something and that you got it wrong.

‘Little Gary’

Gary Wrights runs a fish and chip shop in Watton in Norfolk and has been in business for fourteen years. He originally voted for Brexit, but now he’s changed his mind.


Dr Charles Gallaher works as an NHS emergency medicine hospital doctor in London. He had deep concerns about the EU and was a ‘Lexit’ voter in the referendum.